Enjoy Rinjani View with Sajang Coffee on Pemedengan Hill

pemedengan hill sajang

When you hear the word Rinjani, I can guess what it is in your mind.. A solid carrier bag containing supplies of food and other climbing equipment, such as tents, mattresses, and sleeping bags.

Forget for a moment about the sunset above the clouds of Mount Rinjani, which we no longer need to tell you how beautiful it is, everyone has agreed.

It turns out that there is one other side that we can also enjoy besides the view, namely Sajang Coffee. Disclaimer: This article is not for people with stomach acid or coffee sachet lovers.

Sajang coffee, grows under the foot of Mount Rinjani, to be precise, in Sajang Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok Regency.

At Pemedengan Hill, the local spot manager serves the coffee and while the coffee is ready You can enjoy the panorama with the Peak of Mount Rinjani as the background.

In addition to the Rinjani view, there is also a view of the North Lombok sea.

Can you imagine how cool it is to have coffee in this place?

In Pemedengan Hill, there are also camping zones, selfie spots, and various other culinary delights.

Don’t worry about the entrance ticket because you only need to spend 10 thousand. Then staying with your own tent will cost you 50 thousand. The price is too low for the fun you will get.

Those who often have diarrhea, don’t be afraid… because a proper bathroom has been provided

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